Alyssa-Jane Williams & Broderick William Collins

Hey Alyssa and Broderick,

I hope you two are well and the wedding planning is almost complete. Welcome to your website and welcome to Amity. I've attached your new contract and quote this website which you can have a read through. If you would like any recommendations on Vendors throughout New South Wales, I am more than happy to shed some light on some. 

For your engagement shoot, you can choose a time and a place and I will meet you there with my cameras and we can take some nice photos. This is a great chance for you two to see how I take my photos and to see my easy going nature. I'm not here to force any photos, more to capture the laughs and smiles in between the settings and poses. These engagement photos will be delivered via this website and will have a variety of edits on them so you can choose your favourite which I will then put on all of the photos. Some locations that are really nice to capture are Tamarama Beach lookout, Centennial Park, Watsons Bay, Eden gardens and Royal Botanic Garden. 

A month before your wedding I will send you a shot list. It's a list you can fill out with names you would really liked photographed on the day. We capture everyone on the day but we can put a large focus on specific people. 

On your wedding day, my team (Tori and Bill) will arrive around 8:30am. We like arriving early so we can talk to the bridal parties and get comfortable with each other and also put the drone up at all the locations. We will then stay the whole day, capturing every laugh, hug, smile, flower and tear and we will leave around 10pm. 

Your photos and videos out of your special day will be delivered via a personalised USB box and also a gallery on this website. I will upload 10-20 photos 24 hours after your wedding onto this website. I will try a few different edits on all of these photos so you can choose your favourite edit which I can then put on all photos.

If you have any questions or ideas or you just want to have a chat, please don't hesitate to book another meeting and I will make time for you and Broderick. I want to create the photos and videos you dream of and I want to let you know I will always be there for you two.

Kind Regards,


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