Hey Hey.... I'm Loui

I'm a people pleaser. I've always taken a lot of joy and happiness out of making other people happy. Theres something about giving people photos and videos that they dream of and seeing them react in the way they do and knowing that memory will be with them forever. Thats what makes me happy.

About Me

When I'm not behind a camera I like to spend my time in the ocean surfing, exploring around Sydney and making a fool of myself in front of my girlfriend. I believe in enjoying the simple things in life, I can get a kick out of having a fantastic cup of green tea or patting a dog on the street. 


I donate a proportion of everything I earn to charities across Uganda that help kids go to school and educate them and give them what they need to have a bright future. I one day aim to build a school in Uganda and one day go visit it. I'm currently fundraising money for them by running 100km in October 2019. Have a look here.