Frequently Asked Questions

To help scratch that itch

I'm not a fan of big poses where couples look like tin soldiers.  I like to interact with the couple and get you moving and make it fun. I might make you practice your first dance and do a dip or get you whisper something into each others ear.  I like to capture those moments where you are both looking at each other laughing or smiling - that's what looks the most authentic and the photos that couples love the most. I've been shooting weddings for long enough now to know what couples respond to best and that is making it as natural and easy going as possible. 

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Whats your shooting style?

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What aspects of your photography or company seperate you from the rest?

There's definitely a lot of photographers and videographers out there and it can be quite hard to pick the right one for your wedding day just by looking at their photos/videos on their website or instagram. At the end of the day, we generally spend more time with you than your own parents so it's good to know if you're going to vibe with each other. Some things that I like to do to make the couples feel special;

  • I like to buy rose petals and sparklers for the couple to use on the wedding day. The rose petals are for when you walk down the aisle after your first kiss. The sparklers are for when you both leave the reception and the guest form an archway. These photos and videos always come out amazing.

  • I like to offer a free couple photoshoot which allows you both to learn what it's like to be in front of a camera and to get comfortable with me so when it comes to your wedding day, it'll be like I'm your friend, not some random you've hired. The photos come out pretty cool too (more details below)


What does your free couple shoot entail?

I love offering this service as it allows couples to learn  what it likes to be in front of a camera because it's not like you wake up every morning and put a camera on a tripod and strike a pose. I like breaking down that barrier and helping couples realise that it can be enjoyable and relaxing being in front of a camera. This is also a great way to get comfortable with me as when it comes to your wedding day, you're very familiar with me and you will feel a lot more relaxed with me around. 

You also get to see how the photos are edited and couoples always find it handy having a nice photo of themselves - some couples frame the photos or put them at the reception or put the photos on little chcocolates. There's a plethora of oppurtunities.

How many sneak peaks to do you give and when?

For photography, I will send you 75-100 sneak peak photos at 5pm the following day. I like to put in 3-4 hours work the day after the wedding and give you enough photos so it scratches that itch of wanting to see all of the photos. If you feel I missed a photo, you can simply ask and I will send it to you straight away. 

For videography, I will send you a 1-2 minute sneak peak video at 5pm the following day. All of my couples love this aspect as it's like watching a movie trailer before the movie comes out. 

Both photography and videography sneak peaks will be delivered to your personal website.

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How long does it take you to distribute all of the photos and videos?

I allow up to 8 weeks to deliver everything but may deliver the content as early as 6 weeks. Cue anecdotal story -  I used to do 30-40 weddings a year but quickly learnt it wasn't sustainable and that photographing a wedding felt more like a chore than a fun event. I changed that around quick smart and now I only do 15-20 weddings a year and I bring the same jovial and fun vibe to every wedding. As I only do this partiuclar amount of weddings, I can guarantee that you will get your photos within a 6 to 8 week bracket.

How do you distribute the photos and videos?

I deliver the photos in 3 ways;

1) Via on online gallery This platform allows you to view the photos in high resolution and also save your favourites along the way. This link will only be valid for 1 year.

2) Via a personalised USB box which will get delivered to your front door within a few days of editing being complete. 

3) Via a google drive link which will be valid for eternity. You can download the photos to your personal computer via this link.

I do this to cover all bases. So if the pixieset link runs out and you lose the USB box, the google drive link will always be there so your photos never go missing.

**Videos will be uploaded via a Youtube and google drive link to your personal website.

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