Tegan Dingeldei & Kyle Dingeldei

Hey Tegan & Kyle,

Welcome to your website and welcome to Amity. Thank you for the phone call and being such relaxed and jovial people. I love the way you have gone about planning this wedding and I am very excited that I am going to be able to capture your special day (it also helps that you're dog people). I love being apart of weddings that shake the sauce bottle a little bit and do things a differently as they are always so much fun and I cannot wait to capture the day.

On your wedding day, I like arriving early so I can talk to the bridal parties and get comfortable with each other and also put the drone up at all the locations. I will then stay the whole day, capturing every laugh, hug, smile, flower and tear and we will leave around midnight. 

Your photos out of your special day will be delivered via a personalised USB box and also an online gallery on this website. I will upload 150+ sneak peak photos 24 hours after your wedding onto this website. I will try a few different edits on all of these photos so you can choose your favourite edit which I can then put on all photos.

For your engagement/couple shoot, you can choose a time and a place and I will meet you there with my cameras and we can take some nice photos. This is a great chance for you two to see how I take my photos and to see my easy going nature. I'm not here to force any photos, more to capture the laughs and smiles in between. It's also a great way to both of you comfortable in front of the camera so when it comes to your wedding day, you will both be professionals and feel relaxed in front of the camera.

If you have any questions or ideas or you just want to have a chat, please don't hesitate to book another meeting and I will make time for you two.

Kind Regards,


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